Rashid Khan



I have been programming from 2011; mostly in Python, Java and C#. I'm a Django Fan at heart, though I don't mind working with other back-end technologies. In my past, I have worked on Spring & Hibernate. Currently (i.e. May, 2015) I'm working on AngularJS and React for most of my current projects. Trying out React Native for building an iOS application, and AngularJS for web application.
My code contribution to open source community has been little, but has been growing (which is good!). Previously, I have contributed to GNOME Calculator, Banshee, Tomboy & Astropy.
My development setup consists of Macbook Pro (15", Mid 2012), Samsung T22C350 & Audio Technica ATH-M50X. I have been longing to get myself Das Keyboard (Click Click!). I love products by Jet Brains (PyCharm & WebStrom are most handy to me!).
Apart from programming, I like cycling and playing tennis. I'm a big Batman Fan (Well, Who isn't?).
I am working on an IoT (Internet of Things) book titled - Learning IoT using Particle Photon and Electron. The book is due to be released in Januray, 2016, in the mean time you can check the book-site IOT-ABC to XYZ.


Tomboy OSX

Tomboy OSX is the port of Tomboy-Notes for Mac OSX. Currently working on making Tomboy OSX stable for release.


BAMS - Building & Asset Management System is developed for construction companies to keep track of assets and buildings. It holds survey data with some predefined constats and easy PDF report generation.

Garfield Downloader

A Python script to scrap all Garfield comics from the web. The script scrapes comics from the time it started, i.e. 1976.


VMSharp is a virtual machine written in C#. It is a simple stack based machine, which is very similar to Assembly Languauge. Have executed programs such Fibonacci number, Calculator, etc. using VMSharp.


Django-LibSpark is the Apache Spark API for Django. The API is built on top of PySpark and provides a powerful web dashboard to play around with Django-LibSpark built on AngularJS.


It's great you have decided to say hi!
Email me for queries or work on [email protected] or [email protected]